6 Powerful Ways To Increase ROI Of Email Campaigns

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Email campaigns are great for increasing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Here we talk about 6 effective ways in which you can increase the ROI from your email campaigns.

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Your customers are expected to respond to your email campaigns positively by reading and taking action on your emails, right?

Not really!

Out of the many emails that arrived in your inbox today, how many did you open? Is your answer “just a few”? Consider the reason why you did not open the rest. They could have had great content. But you chose to ignore them because they were not quite relevant to you. Isn’t that correct?

Your email campaigns should be razor-sharp and very focused. Sending the right emails to the right person is the key to increasing your email ROI. Email marketing is a very cost-effective digital marketing strategy, and when executed in the right way, it can drive new leads into your business.

So, here are 6 easy to follow tips to help you increase the Return On Investment (ROI) from your email campaigns:

1. Provide Valuable Information:

Suppose you create a great email with a responsive template, appropriate design, and convincing content. But you send it to the wrong person. Will that bring drive lead to your business? The truth is that it won’t even get opened.

This is why context is such an important part of email marketing. The recipients of your email campaigns will not open your mail unless they provide any value to them. Recipients scan their inbox with not much attention. So if the email you have sent to the subscribers does not seem important to them at a glance, then they will ignore it. Include the problem you wish to solve in your subject line itself. Do not save the best for the last or you may end up going unnoticed.

While sending email campaigns to your subscribers, keep these points in mind:

  • Never tell them what you do. Tell them how you intend to help them with what you do.
  • If your services are of no relevance to a group of subscribers, DO NOT send your emails to them.

2.    Segment Your Email List:

Segmenting an email list is a proven way of making your email campaigns perform better. Dividing your email list into groups based on certain determiners help you to understand which email to send to which group.

You can divide your email list based on the following:

  • Behaviour on your website: You can track the activity of the subscribers on your website and accordingly analyze their interest.
  • Engagement: Engagement means that how often or how lately a subscriber has opened your email. You could make a group of the subscribers who have not opened any mail in 6 months. You might send them an email with a promotional offer to retract their attention. Similarly, you could nurture a group of engaged subscribers who check your emails often.

Here is a useful email from Hubspot that talks about how to segment your email list.

3.   Avoid The Spam Filter:

The major reason why email marketing is not often considered to bring in high revenue is because of its inappropriate content. Most of the time, the emails that you intend to send to the people land in their spam folder or promotional tabs instead of their inbox. As a result, people do not open them.

Needless to say, an email that does not go into the inbox will never catch the attention of its recipient. Hence your efforts in creating and sending the mail will get wasted totally.

To prevent your emails from ending up in the spam folder, stop making them look entirely promotional. Educate your subscribers, provide them with valuable information, and NEVER use the typical attention-grabbing words.

For a detailed idea of the words that might trigger the spam filters of your recipients, go through this blog by HubSpot.

4.    Choose The Right Time to execute your email campaigns:

Sending emails at the right time is crucial to get them opened. Depending upon the group that is receiving the email, you should choose the time. Do not assume the time to be right. Instead, do some experimentation and keep a track of the performance of your email marketing campaign to analyze which time works out the best for your subscribers.

Some of the general rules for sending emails is as follows:

  • If your email marketing campaign aims at guiding subscribers for a form fill-up, then work hours is the right time when most of the recipients are at their desks.
  • If you are nurturing leads with your email marketing campaign then opt for the time when it is likely or the recipients to be on their way to or from work. The weekend is also a good time to send lead nurturing emails.

5.    Delight Your Customers:

Evangelist customers are a great way of getting higher revenue. But how do you get evangelist customers who convince others to buy from you? The answer lies in their satisfaction. When you delight customers with repeated acknowledgement after they have made their purchase, they feel valued. And the best way to make them feel valued is through a personalized email.

Email is a great way of having a one-to-one conversation where you could address the queries of your customers or thank them for choosing your company. Be as personal as possible and make the customers feel that you still care for them even after the transaction has been made.

6.    Check and be sure:

Nothing is a more letdown than a spelling error or a grammatical mistake. You might end up losing a customer just because of one tiny error that you could not find out. Proofread the content of your email to make sure you have no error in it.

Email is one of the greatest ways to nurture leads and prepare them to be sales-ready with a very low investment cost. Since you can easily track the effectiveness of the emails, you can identify the loopholes and take the necessary steps to avoid them in the next campaign.

Think of your email marketing strategy as a way of engaging long-term relationships and you will surely get a high ROI. Spend more time thinking about what type of content will provide value to your customers, instead of just telling them what you about you and your business. So keep in mind these guidelines if you want to increase the ROI of your email campaigns.

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