10 Steps To Become An Amazing Content Writer

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To become an amazing website content writer, you need to know your audience well and choose an interesting topic. But is that enough? Read this article to find out.

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Have you ever listened to a great speaker or read a good article and felt “Wow! This Speaker/website content writer is so amazing. He/she has touched my heart and made my life a little better”?

It happens with all of us. It can happen anywhere. Anytime.

You go around the streets and come across a billboard that quickly grabs your attention. You listen to a dialogue in a movie and remember it forever. You will often remember lines from a book you read in your childhood.

Why? What is so remarkable about them?

The answer is that all of them feature great content. Content that moves you so much emotionally and psychologically that

  • You remember them for a long time
  • Start trusting the speaker or brand
  • Take an action (often instantly)

As digital marketers and website content writers, we are always looking for creating some content that goes viral. We want to grab the attention of our customers quickly and permanently. We want to create an impact in their minds which makes them start to trust our company and buy our products, again and again.

Great content, when viewed in the right context and situation, can work wonders for building the brand image of any company. The name of the company gets etched into the minds of the customers and they will always come back to it from time to time. This will ensure upsells, cross-sells as well as repeat sales.

We talked about The Essential Mantras For Effective Content Writing earlier. Let me today talk about a few ways to make the content more polished and sharper so that you become an excellent website content writer.

How to Become An Amazing Website Content Writer

1. Research About Your Audience

Every website content writer needs to know about the audience for whom the content is being written. So, create a persona of the potential reader that you want to cater to, keep a track of what your peers are doing, monitor the comments made by readers and be updated with the latest trends. This will help you to know about your readers and you can create attractive content accordingly.

2. Choose An Attractive Topic

To get your target audience to read your content, you need to choose a topic that will appeal to them. Your brand can have more than one type of customer, similarly, your content might be read by different types of people. So, keeping this in mind, make your content worthy of reading by providing your readers with tips, solutions, instructions and similar useful things that will make their lives easier.

You can use a tool like BuzzSumo to find attractive content topics that people love.

3. The Content Must Be Authentic

Readers love to come across unique and original content that stands out from the rest of the writings and provides them with solutions. You can do your research work as much as you want, but what you finally produce should be a result of your ideas. No Website Content Writer wants to fall prey to plagiarism and it creates a very negative impression on your target readers.

4. Get Your Readers Thinking

In today’s world where people are busy pushing their brands forcefully and getting them noticed, trying to get your readers to engage with you is a huge task. Your content should be such that they are not only attracted to read it but will also linger over it for a long time. Once your readers get convinced that your content is much more than just words put together, they will eagerly wait for your next content or be interested in knowing more about you.

5. Make Your Readers Emotionally Charged

Speak to your readers the way you would speak to a friend. This will make your content more relatable and they will feel a host of emotions after having read it. For example, mention common scenarios that are likely to have happened to almost everyone, or ask questions related to a heated topic that will make them think about their stand, or even spread awareness regarding something that might be a cause of the threat.

6. Headline Needs To Be Catchy

Believe it or not, but if your headline doesn’t attract the attention of your readers, no matter how good your content is, they will skip reading it. A good headline will always bring readers to your blog/article, and they will keep coming back once they are convinced that you can provide them with what they are looking for. This is how you build trust among your readers and assure them that you have their best interest in mind.

7. Rely on Visual Tools

You must have come across this proverb, “Seeing is believing!”, right? This is exactly what you must follow while creating content for your readers. Good content might be informative, but to make it more attractive, you need to add videos or media to it. Infographics, GIFs, Short Videos are all examples of such visual content. This will make your content readable to people who don’t have much time to spend on your writing.

8. Keep It Simple

When it comes to engaging with your readers, you should always address them like you are speaking to a friend. Don’t make your content dragged or use complicated terms that might not go well with the readers or maybe incomprehensible to them. Maintain transparency between what you think and what you write. In this way, your readers will be able to relate to your content more if you make it precise and simple.

9. Engage With Your Readers

Once your content generates an interest in the minds of your readers, they will start interacting and will want to know more about your writings. You will then have to sufficiently get involved in the process and reply to them so that they don’t feel that you only have ulterior motives. They should feel that they are valued and you can do that by adequately engaging with them on social media through comments, direct messages and so on. You can even send them personalised emails that will appeal to them.

10. Show Them The Way

Readers often rely on outer sources for support or to tell them what to do next. Through your content, you can educate your readers and give them a specific call to action that will tell them the next step. Make them fill up forms or ask them to subscribe to your newsletters that will give them relevant information. They will feel motivated and keep you in their minds for a long time.

Follow these steps to create a positive impact on your readers through your content. Good content should never be ignored and it should see the light of the day. Make your readers a part of your life and they will reciprocate in the same way and help you grow. This is what will make you an excellent website content writer.

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