Crowdfunding Letter For Film Maker

This letter was sent out to seek crowdfunding support and donations for a film being made by an independent film maker for the big screen.
Crowdfunding Letter For Filmmaker

Project Brief

Write a letter for inviting contributions for an independent film being made

An independent filmmaker was looking for funding for his first movie made for the big screen. This letter was sent out to a select group of influential people to seek their support, and donations for the film.

How We Executed The Project

Our Approach

We utilised our knowledge of finance and conducted extensive research while writing this eBook

We explained the concept of Mutual Funds from the ground up and emphasized on how they make investing a cakewalk for everyone. Thereafter, we discussed the types of Mutual funds, the tax benefits they offer and how to go about investing in them.

The e-book is available as a free download on

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About The Client

Elearnmarkets is a pioneer of spreading financial literacy in India. With hundreds of courses, articles, webinars and videos on every aspect of investing, they have revolutionized the landscape of financial education in the country.

Project details

At A Glance


An Independent Filmmaker From The USA


January 15, 2016

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