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A Personalized Stock Market Analytics App

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StockEdge is a personal stock market and mutual funds data analytics app available on iOS and Android platforms. The Motto of StockEdge is “StockEdge Karo, Smart Investor Bano” meaning “Use StockEdge to become a smart investor”. The app bridges the gap between having theoretical knowledge about investing and being able to take all the decisions related to personal finance and investing on your own.

The goal of Stockedge is to empower investors in such a way that they do not have to depend on anyone else for tips and ideas regarding which shares or mutual fund schemes to invest in. Recently the company has also launched the web version of StockEdge which has expanded its reach further.

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The Mandate

Boost App Downloads

Increasing The User Base and driving growth

The company had approached Inovaticus to increase the downloads of the StockEdge app so that its user base became larger. While the development team was working dedicatedly to increase the features, usability, and reliability of StockEdge, we were entrusted with the responsibility of increasing the app downloads through paid advertisements.

The solution

Google App Install Campaigns

We decided to run the app install campaigns on Google ads with a good budget.

We formulated a 3-pronged strategy for:

Increasing visibility

Boosting downloads

Reducing the cost of installation to the lowest level possible.

The App Install Campaigns on Google Ads allowed StockEdge to become visible on the Google search and display networks, Google Play, Google discover, and YouTube. We continuously optimized the App Install Campaigns to bring down the Cost Per Install and achieved 70,000+ installs from January 2019 to June 2019.

During this time, we continuously adjusted the bids, optimized the ad texts (headlines), and closely monitored the performance daily to ensure that we got the highest number of installs at the lowest cost possible.

App Install Campaigns For Stockedge 2
How We Reached The solution

Our Approach

Analysis Of User Preferences, Backed by Past Data

Our team identified that increasing the visibility and user satisfaction levels of StockEdge is the key to increasing its downloads. As mentioned earlier the development team of StockEdge was working round the clock to ensure that the user satisfaction levels improve, we started working on boosting the visibility and downloads.

The results

36.44 M


70.12 K

First Time Installs

223 K

Repeat Installs

1.02 M


* Data As Of July 2019

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