Shattering Myths About Building A Business Website

Shattering Myths About Building A Business Website

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Entrepreneurs across the world now need to embrace the power of the Internet to grow their small and medium businesses into robust ones. A business website should be a part of the overall business plan and the entrepreneur should leverage the reach and visibility that it offers. Unfortunately, when I look around myself, many small and medium businesses have not yet realised this. They continue to rely on the brick and mortar model to run their business.

Over the last few years, the number of users of the Internet across the globe have gone up significantly. It is very heartening to note that this growth is not limited to the developed countries alone. Smaller and developing countries have also started to use the Internet and as per recent reports, almost 42% of the global population are active Internet users.

Entrepreneurs now need to make the change in their mind-set to take advantage of this explosive growth of Internet using population wholeheartedly. Their hesitation and sometimes reluctance arises from a lack of knowledge about how easy it is to go online today.

The myths about building business websites:

Myth 1: Business Websites are expensive

Due to a lack of awareness about the cost of building and maintaining a website, they tend to believe that it is on the higher side. Thus, they feel that they don’t have the adequate monetary resources to go online.

Truth: Building business websites is not a costly affair at all

A basic business website is well within the budgets of most of the small and medium businesses. While a barebones business website built at a reasonable cost might not give them all the bells and whistles, but it can certainly give them visibility. They can hire a website developer to build them a business website at a reasonable cost.

Myth 2: To keep up a business website they need strong technical knowledge

Not every business owner is tech savvy. Thus, they feel that they are not adequately prepared to adopt to this new way of doing business.

Truth: They need not be tech savvy

The entrepreneur can delegate the responsibility of maintenance of his business website to any other employee in his organisation, or to the website developer himself. It is not expected that every entrepreneur will have sound technical knowledge. But that should not stop him from embracing technology as a business catalyst.

Myth 3: New websites can’t get good search rankings

A new business website does not stand a chance to get a higher ranking as compared to the websites of my well-established competitors

Truth: Vintage does not guarantee ranking

The Internet provides a level playing field to everyone. There are several instances where smaller but well-designed websites providing a great user experience have ranked higher than larger and older websites. The key to getting a higher ranking is to have a carefully designed and developed website which conforms to the search engine guidelines. The size or vintage of the website alone never guarantees a higher ranking.


Hopefully we have been able to clear some misconceptions through this article. So, overcome your hesitation and start to think about building a business website. While today you might be happy with the business that you’re getting from the physical stores that you own, tomorrow your website might become your biggest source of customers throughout the year. Talk to us to see how we can help you in this journey.

Anirban Kundu
Anirban Kundu
Anirban is the CEO of Inovaticus Marketing Solutions. He is a passionate Digital Marketer with a keen interest in technology, finance, and movies. He is an MBA in Finance and is certified in Digital Marketing from Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland. He is also a certified in Inbound Marketing by Hubspot, Google AdWords and Bing Ads by Microsoft.

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