Digital marketing projects

A collection of some of our past works

  • Digital Marketing Statistics 2018

    Exciting digital marketing statistics in 2018
  • Crowdfunding Letter For Film Maker

    This letter was sent out to seek crowdfunding support and donations for a film being made by an independent film maker for the big screen.
  • Technical Article For ITES Company

    This is a technical article written for an ITES company to provide a cost-benefit analysis of Managed IT Services.
  • Press Release For FMCG Company

    This was a Press Release that was written for use by the client selling FMCG products to promote their range of Ear Wax Candles.
    Press release
  • Article Writing For SUP Yoga Classes

    This article writing was done for the blog of an adventure travel company for popularising Stand Up Paddling Yoga in Australia.
  • Article For A Medical Blog

    This article was written for the blog of a doctor. It provides some tips and must-dos for taking good care of our lungs.
    article writer
  • Infographic For Social Media

    This was an Infographic design that was created for use in the Facebook and Twitter pages of our company. It brings forward the need for every company to have a strong social media presence.
  • Social Media Graphic Design

    This Social Media Graphic Design was created for a post in Facebook. To get more such designs made for your company, contact us.
    social media graphic design
  • Infographic Design

    This is an Infographic design on Online Reputation Management created for a blog post on this website
    infographic design
  • Financial Infographics For e-Learning Company

    This infographic was designed for the blog of a client providing online education in finance. It discusses the steps to be taken by the first-time investors in the stock markets of India.
    Financial Infographics
  • Website Banner

    This website banner was featured on the CESC website. The campaign was run to encourage the customers to use online modes to communicate with it
  • Website Banner

    This was a Website banner featured on the client's website for promoting an offer where the client's could win prizes for using the online bill payment facility.
  • Social Media Graphic Design

    This Social Media Graphic design celebrates the conscious efforts being made by people across the world to make the world a better place to live in.